We produce digital assets for the digital world.

Simplified, powerful, and effective graphics
for your design or marketing needs.

With today’s digital demand ever expanding, MDG provides fast, accurate and creative solutions for your diverse marketing projects. We can provide digital assets as needed, or the entire concept from start to finish. Strategy, concept, design or production, it makes no difference to us, as long as you receive what your unique project requires.

Whether it’s a logo design or a complete brand strategy, we will deliver superior results. From social media images or ads, to complete websites, we can handle it all. We also develop powerful presentations so you’ll be both heard AND understood, with graphics and animations developed to enhance your message, not overpower it.

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Your printed materials can also be managed by our staff all the way through the press check and fulfillment. With over 30 years of print management behind us, we know how to get the most value from your print vendor and your budget.

We are professionals

Trained in visual communication, design, messaging, color theory, typography, web design, video and photography. And yes, we know our apps. We are the complete package. But we are competing for your marketing projects against a wave of inexpensive, flashy, online services that often leave you with no measurable advancement of your product, services or brand.

At MDG we won’t start you on a new path until we understand what did or didn’t work for you in the past. We will do the research to understand which insights will drive your brand forward, and what may be holding it back.

At MDG, you decide how little or how much we are involved. It’s your budget – and we respect that. We offer many creative services at fair prices based on the commitments involved for each project. And yes, we do charge for rush work, but don’t recommend this, as it normally produces less impactful solutions. We also do not do “spec” work (free work on speculation of getting a project), as we believe it is wrong to ask anyone for free services. We do, on the other hand, offer our talents from time to time to charities or causes we feel are beneficial to our communities and to mankind in general.

If you’d like to start a conversation with MDG about your next project, collaboration, or cause, please contact our Chief Engagement Officer, Bill Mock at our main number,
(847) 543-1680.