MDG people


Bill Mock – MDG Principal and Creative Director
“I truly enjoy meeting new people and the design or marketing challenges they bring to us daily. It’s what keeps our profession current, vibrant and energized. As creative communicators, we thrive on finding the best solutions to multiple types of marketing projects, and while this is a constant education in client markets, technology or individual style, I personally wouldn’t have it any other way.”

With over 30 years of professional design and marketing experience rounded within the corporate, agency and private sectors, Bill has incredible insights for matching client needs with fresh, innovative outcomes. Bill’s leadership at companies such as Abbott Laboratories, Hewitt and McKee Advertising, has culminated into an efficient process for creative exploration and brand development. As a Design Leader member of AIGA, Bill continues to promote MDG’s professional ethics while maintaining a casual approach to our client relationships. Having been a past president of N.I.C.A., a student design organization at Northern Illinois University, Bill continues to offer advice and mentoring to students contemplating or beginning careers in the graphic design profession. MDG has also sponsored eight (8) students over the past six years to attend an annual design conference in downtown Chicago.